CL Hard Surface – More than just the product

In sales, how the product is packaged is almost just as important as the product itself. Sometimes the packaging is the first thing someone sees and most of the time; it will sell the item for you.

Did you know that Hard Surface I & II can be used to image onto cardboard boxes and other packaging materials? Here’s a sample below of a mug gift box imaged with CL Hard Surface I. Imagine writing your own custom message on the box instead of a card. Wouldn’t that be a neat idea!

Imaged Mug Gift Box
Mug Box printed with CL Hard Surface I

You can image onto just about any box. For instance, you can image onto a water bottle, then image onto the box that it came in. Here’s a picture of the imaged box with CL Hard Surface II. For boxes that are more flimsy and not completely flat, we recommend using the CL Hard Surface II.

Water Bottle Box imaged with CL HS2
Water Bottle Box Imaged with CL Hard Surface II

In addition you can make your own brand packaging. Of course it is much cheaper to get boxes pre-printed; however pre-printed boxes require a minimum order. If you are just starting out or you don’t need a whole lot of preprinted boxes/packaging, this is the method for you. Print your company’s full color logo along with all your contact info on the box/package.

You can also do this with cardboard puzzle boxes! Print an image of the completed puzzle on the box itself!

Puzzle and Puzzle Box
Puzzle Box printed with CL Hard Surface II

3 thoughts on “CL Hard Surface – More than just the product

  1. Could you please explain the mechanics of how CL Hard Surface works? , What is it exactly, how do you prep the stuff and how do you get it onto your desired substrate?

    1. D Siu

      CL hard surface is very similar to our laser heat transfer papers for textiles. All you need is a laser printer, a heat press and a flat hard surface substrate or ceramic mugs. We have three types of hard surface papers: CL Hard Surface I, CL Hard Surface II, CL Crystal.

      CL Hard Surface I is for smooth hard surfaces such as ceramic tiles, metal, some cardboard, etc.
      CL Hard Surface II is for porous hard surfaces such as cardboard, wood, leather, etc.
      CL Crystal is for transparent hard surfaces and the entire sheet sticks to the crystal, glass, acrylic instead of just leaving a coating or the toner like the other papers do.
      For a list of products and instructions for the various substrates and papers, please refer to our instructions here

      Here are the steps to apply.
      1.) Print on Laser Printer (do not need any special toners. OEM toners will do fine)
      2.) Place substrate on heat press
      3.) Place imaged paper on substrate with image face down (facing the substrate)
      3.) Place foam pad on top of image paper for even pressure and consistent heat
      4.) Press at the time & temperature indicated on the instructions sheet for that particular substrate and paper
      5.) Peel the backing sheet off (for CL Hard Surface I & II) or trim the paper to fit the substrate for CL Crystal.

      Cardboard boxes are normally applied at 330F at 60 seconds for both CL Hard Surface I & II

  2. Jeramy Kleist

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